The Story of Food Workshop in *GRiSTuF 2014

It is quite -almost old- piece of my writing, when I was as an Indonesian delegate to participate in one of best experience workshops on food. Hope this piece will help you figure the story of food out. Cekidot:

Monday, 23 June 2014

The introduction of the workshop was really a glimpse for participants and getting to know the workshop will be. Today in a very sunny day, the participants of ‘the story of food’ workshop are prepared for the bike tour towards 5 different stations. Participants get so excited about the today’s program will be. The first station which is reached in 10 minutes by bike from the info point is CSA, a Community Supported Agriculture. This CSA attracts the attention of participants because for some people it is a may come up as a first impression to know in city of Greifswald, they have such good community like CSA. The community based oriented to empower the local farmers to meet the needs of farm-products. However there are some problems that we altogether have to address about the land availability and the price of land which tends to increase sharply day by day. These two main problems that faced by the local farmers and a community like CSA have an impact on the way they will produce sustainable food for the members of community.

The second station to go is bit far away from the city which takes approximately 25 minutes by bike. The so-called Stadt-Land-Garten-Gruppe, a non-commercial agriculture. It is quite interesting where here the students initiated for such sort of program for educating people around that the agriculture should not be merely a commercial. Even in here, not only the students come to build a non-commercial agriculture, but also the community itself participates in the project.

After having such delicious vegetarian lunch, the next station is Weltladen, the shop which sells varieties of fair trade products. It is a good experience for us as a workshop group in the story of food to address issues related to the fair trade. We will really want to know how the fair trade works and the concept behind it. It is a good concept where the producers, distributors and the consumers get maximum benefit from the value of the food they obtained, still high price and lack awareness of people of fair trade are the global problems to be addressed.

The next station is an organic shop Sonnenmichel, it is impressive how the owner of the shop was a local farmer then he initiated to build a organic shop to meet the people’s daily needs and aware of the food safety as well. Then after we go to the food sharing community Umsonstladen, the idea was coming from the community which did not want to waste the food as it is still acceptable to consume. The shop is really nice and supported by the surrounding community in the city of Greifswald. The last station to go is Food coop, where this community has a very nice concept to provide healthy foods from organic foods for the members within community. Thus, members of food coop are aware of the consumption of organic foods for daily needs. It is ended here yet the information and knowledge we have got today will be for certain beneficial for our community in our country later on we go back home, as we expected.

foodcoop                                                         -Food Coop shop in Greifswald-


-The story of food workshop visits Stadt-Land-Garten-Gruppe-


  l-The story of food workshop participants visit Stadt-Land-Garten-Gruppe-

*Gristuf stands for Greifswald International Student Festival, it is a once-in-twoyear student festival which allows students all over the world to discuss and approach in practice for addressing current issues in various topics


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