Beckoned Trip to Germany

14 March 2011

Finally after such a long time waiting for getting free trip to Germany, my great dream. Today I am able to go there. Before going to Germany I was facing lot of simple and complicated problems. Issuing visa was so cruel, it took 13 days only for me ’cause of my nationality, but finally I could handle it.

I will depart from Izmir (Adnan Manderes Airport) to Cologne(Koln Bonn Airport) at 22:45. I begin check process in 2 hours prior departure then I enter the gate 1 hour prior departure. I had chosen Sun Express as my flight to Koln because it was the best price deal to go. When I am sitting on plane’s aisle seat, I think about the plane. I will fly to Germany for about 3 hour, and here comes with no in-flight entertainment in front of the seat, just a monitor in a row. Haa, for the first time catching budget airline, but further thinking, it is not so bad at all. I got delicious meals and also the service was good. Moreover all flights to and from Germany with Sun Express happened to be served in 2 languages on board, Turkish and Deutsch, so be aware if you don’t know both. 😀

dinner@flight to Cologne

3 hours goes so quickly. I just watching over and I seeing Greece islands at the night, impressive!! Then I just was spending all time with log sleeping. J  after that I awake from my short sleep because of stewardess’s announcement about plane will landing in no time. I see around Cologne from above, and astonishingly beautiful!!! Especially Rhein river, it so great!!!

After had a baggage claim I go to Cologne airport station to take a train to Cologne Deutz where my hostel located and I will stay there for 5 days later attending 14th World Business Dialogue. I make payment from this machine:

And this is my train ticket:

2hour to go!!!!

Waiting for the train, I was interested in walking around here. I see attractive photograph :

Is that so attractive and funny?? Haha

I also catch a picture of Germany’s bullet train :ICE trains which passing through.

Finally my train comes at punctual (think that here like Japan): so happy that Germany is really one of best country to go

Ya here I go

Just couples of minutes I go to Cologne Deutz Station. It is big enough, I walk to exit gate and see Asian ( they seem like sort of backpacker, make me bit envy I still not experiencing on backpacking abroad) yeah I should go next year. 😀

Here the hostel. Committee seem work over the night, it is 3 am and they still work to arrange student participant..Good work for them!! I have an hour to sleep!


3 respons untuk ‘Beckoned Trip to Germany

  1. Hi,

    My name is KC Owens; I’m a college student who loves to travel! While cruising the Internet, I found your site and really enjoyed reading your posts. Personally, I think traveling is a necessary part of life as you’re exposed to all sorts of new cultures and experiences. While enjoying time abroad, I’ve found it’s crucial to fully understand the dangers that you might encounter along the way. These mishaps are part of life and certainly part of travel but it’s always a great idea to take preventive measures to help ensure your safety while abroad.

    I was hoping that you would allow me to write a post for your site to share my travel safety tips with your readers? I put a lot of time and passion into my traveling and I would love to help others by offering safety advice as a result of the mistakes and triumphs I’ve had. I look forward to hearing from you!


    KC Owens

    1. Hi KC,

      nice to meet you. I do agree that traveling gives us much more challenges and i am able to gain lot of experience from it.. please do share!! i will be glad to 😀



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