Exploring Selcuk, City of Ephesus (Greek Archeological Remains)

26 December 2010

Today is a bad day to go around. Because Izmir is so cloudy and we couldn’t see the sunshine, we continuing our plan to go to Selcuk, City of Ephesus. As yesterday plan’s failed because of the false schedule..

It is very cheap to go. We go with the DMU Ekspresi, a fast train from Basmane Station (Basmane Garı) to Nazilli station which the middle of the route is Selcuk. Izmir – Selcuk is about 90 km far. With DMU ekspresi tren we could reach the Selcuk station for about 1 hour 15 minutes.

On the way to go, it was raining hard. So we only hopeless to take best photos at Selcuk. Moreover at Torbalı it was bad flood. So hopeless L

outside of the train... bad flood

But it was awesome after that, when 20 minutes to arrival at Selcuk Gar. It was so brightly. I couldnt see any rain or flood forms here. We all being happy. I also happy at the moment. I met kindly girl who give me some Turkish bread called Simit ( like Donat) and made such a long Turkish conversation. But Finally we had to finish our conversation because  we had arrived at Selcuk station.

-great conversation at that time-

Waahh it was so fresh airs outside. I began opening my maps about selcuk. Selcuk is simple, not same with my maps describing about. I could see the Kale and St. John Church near the station. Waaw streets here also so small and short. So compatible with ours, backpackers. I like seeing around everyplaces with walking.

So short walking to reach St. John Church. This church is an oldest church in Selcuk. Now, the church only for seeing and became a museum. We have a Museum Card (Müze Kart) so we could enter easily at the Church without paying. Entering the church need 5 YTL. Haaha I was so big laughing when Koreans seeing us why could enter this site easily. Turkey is very good for entertaining student by providing museum card  (öğrenci kartı). So we could visit all museums in Turkey freely.

Here the Müze Kart

Here St. John Church scenerys

In addition of our tours. We also visit the Isa Bey Mosque, it is near the church. I was so impressed with the ornamen. İt is the best!!!

We continue to other places after that. I still seeing on the maps. I made some direction about the way to go Efes Museum… Haaa as my expectation, it was so short walking. We could easily find that place. Entering Efes Museum is 5 YTL ( but free for us with student card). Waa it was so great inside. I just take some photos nakedly, because it is prohibited to take a photograph.

The last destination is Ephesus Archaeological. On that moment, I was catched by seeing Korean Restaurant. So I very eager to make my stomach up.. I was eating Kim Chi (Korean Salads), a bowl of rice with Beefs. It was so delicious JOO

After making praying, We continue to the Dr. Sabri Avenue which will bring us to Ephesus City. 30 minutes walking finally we had arrived at Ephesus City. Actually this city was small. This city was made by King of Greek Periods. Here we could find Amphiteather,  two big theater ; Library of Celsus; Roman Bath Skolastica.. It was great seeing this archaeological remains. More over we just walking for enjoying the city.

Ephesus Theater

-Ephesus Grand Theater-

-Ephesus Marble Street-

– Celsus Library-

Oh… It’s time to go. Finishing our tours at 5 o’ clock. Because our train will depart from selcuk at 7:10pm. At the time we waiting for our train, we met a very friendly train dispatcher and ticket service. He is so friendly so we could make photopraphs with and let me sit in his chair..

I promised i could go here someday and visiting house of virgin mary andtrain museum J


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