Great Journey from Japan- On the way home(2)

Haa… Nice sleeping in this hotel until I woke up at 6am and my alarm cant wake me…Haa I need to go downstairs, I do fast taking bath 6:15 I go to receptionist to tell about my flight.. Haa unfortunately the shuttle service has gone..urggghhh poor me!!! :O
I was so disappointed with receptionist service. They were not caring on my problem and not so polite..Huu wth this asshole !!!.. I call Garuda Indonesia’s office , then He said that I could flight at 1pm with USD 25 for administration..Haaa.. wth!! I have only Rp.200.000,- and some USD 310 for my repayment to my univ.. I decided to go back to my room and go breakfast with the coupon. Haa so sad here alone, it was not real Indonesia.. because here I couldn’t find Indonesian. Only servants were Indonesian ..
After had a big breakfast I go to information desk and ask the way to go home by bus. Officer tell to me that you got this hard to find public transport near here. I have to go by taxi to Ubung costs around Rp. 150.000 and take bus to Jember.. Haa I neglected to go by taxi.. so I decided to go by public transport..but suddenly when I opened my facebook my friend from Jogja told me that Garuda’s office in Ngurah Rai call my phone number. Because I bring my other number, the clerk didn’t know how to inform me about the flight.. Haa I go to receptionist to lend phone because my credits was not enough for making outgoing call. I had to force impolite face of receptionists..Haahh.. But I failed to connect 
I go back to my room feel as surrender.. I try to send sms to my mother.. Haa fortunately I have other phone number left that I can send 1 sms .. Gott se Dank!!!! Waiting for my mother calls, I see around hotel.. Hooww it was beach and interesting scenery :

I spent my time on sun bathing haha lol when suddenly my phone rang.. That was my mom!!! Hegrrr my mom suggested to go by plane..She will transfer some money after this.. But I was doubt to go by plane.. So I arranged to go by bus.. I would take some experience of taking bus from Bali..may be it would be amazing..Haha. I feel no sad anymore.. :frezz:
I see some traditional customs here :

At 10 am I pack my belongings and go to front desk to check out. But I’m planning to inform Garuda that I won’t go by plane.. So when I go to front desk and check out, I was billed Rp. 30.000 for my drink..ehh it’s expensive ,lol.. Unbelievable!! I just drunk small bottles of ***** sweat..
Then I lend phone to make outgoing call to Garuda’s in Ngurah Rai.. Fortunately I connect with her and I told her about my flight. She told me that I need no pay for ticket because I got cancellation in Osaka… Hahaaa..Gott se dank although I have to wait until 1-pm for my flight..

Shuttle service picks me up at 12:56 and my flight will be at 1:25pm..
Now time to flight to Surabaya …

30 minutes after I have arrived at Juanda Inter Airport… After that I take shuttle bus to Purabaya bus terminal and go to Jember by bus…. Haa nice trip!!!!!


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