Great Journey from Japan- On the way home

Today is 2 August 2010.. I had to go airport at 11am. Kumi san pick me up at 5:30 am. But when I went downstairs at 5:10am.. Kumi-san was already there with her father,.. So we went directly to Tokushima Eki.. Its still early in the morning.. The Limousine Bus will come before 6:05am..

Waa so punctual, Limousine Bus come at 6:02. And departure from Toku Eki at 6:05.. Time to say Good Bye…

In the Bus I see a lot of beautiful scenery, when I was in Kobe, Awaji..165minutes to go Kansai airport was a great moment..

Finally I arrived at Kansai Airport, The bus go to 4th floor, international departure hall.. Oh my God I see my flight was delayed until 6pm…Haaa I was hoping that I could take cancellation on my way home..Allah realize that..Haa :fresss:;;

Directly I go check in counter, Oh I meet Taiwan girl. She was very friendly. She reclose my bag when my bag opened. And we talk each other. She was fluent in English, so I had a great talk with her. But we have to say good bye because she go with Japan Airlines. I go with Garuda Indonesia.:(

When in check in counter, I met Indonesian person, She was in Kobe University as a student. She now lecture at Celebes.,. So I have a friend to wait so long like that..Garuda give me coupon like this

GA coupon

So I Go to Starbucks café to get some foods…Its make me full, Alhamdulillah

1010 en foods

After that I go praying at prayer room in Kansai Airport.. Just after I only watch TV and see around.. at 2pm I go to immigration checks gate..whaa we prohibited to come in. Yaa It still 4 hours to go, but I wanna see duty free there, I told to the clerk. . L  At 3 pm the gate will open, clerk said..


Finally it was 3pm. I come in and manage to go to duty free, but I buy nothing,hheehe…I was so restricted money.. So I just accompanied her to buy anything.. Haa 1 hour see around duty free enough for me.. I go to gate 38 where I will depart to Denpasar..

2 hours to go.. Whaa I see some free internet access here in waiting room,..time to surf J..!!!!  after satisfying with surfing.. I go to toilet.. In that Kansai Airport I found disability toilet and non in male toilet,.. Haa I go to disability person toilet,LOL.. Coz As she suggested to me that in that toilet u can find water near u.. We Indonesian people can’t adopt with Japanese technology that no need to wash our pee after. Haaha..that was crutial … So in this toilet I could find water near me, because its design make us easier to wash..

At 5:45pm I go to waiting room to wait my boarding call.. Haa finally at 6pm It is the time to go…!!!! 6 hours to go Denpasar. I spent my time on flight with watching Indonesian Movie “ SKJ-Seleb Kota Jogja”..It makes me lot of  laughing ..haa I enjoying that film much..After  that listening to Japan music,  West song, and Indonesian Song.. At 11:15pm I arrive at Denpasar, Bali.. Ha I was so tired . Fortunately Garuda Indonesia’s crews bring us to hotel In Nusa Dua, Inna Putri Bali hotel..

It’s one of luxurious hotel in Bali. This is my room:

Taking bath and after that go to mosque for praying.. Whaa at 1am I go back to my room.. need a lot of rest, but I only have 5 hours because at six I will depart to Ngurah Rai by Garuda’s shuttle service,.. Time to sleep ..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


3 respons untuk ‘Great Journey from Japan- On the way home

  1. Hi there! I was on my way from Kansai to Jakarta last 2nd of August. I guess we were on the same flight GA 883 Kansai-Denpasar Bali. The flight was late because of aircraft rotation for about 6-7 hours, wasn’t it? That’s why we received a meal coupon for a compensation. Upon landing in Bali, i was transferred to a Jakarta-bound flight which was departed at around 4 AM!!

    nice blog anyway.

    1. yah , i remember it was… my room mate was also heading to Jakarta at 4 pm.. but unfortunately i got logs sleeping at that moment, pity i am…so that i failed to go and transferring to another plane..
      actually it was awesome 🙂

      Thank you

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