2 Days in Surabaya ( a beckoned trip to Monbugakusho 2010)

1st Day

First time I get Surabaya in Gubeng Station exactly 9:31 am…Wooww it was awesome..Many Huge building around me..Haha..this the first time for me to meet my uncle and take my goal ‘Monbugakusho Mext Scholar’ application to General Consulate Japan in Surabaya.

Waiting for a looooong time, haha 30 minutes after calling my uncle to pick me up, finally he came up and then he allowed me to go with his old cycle. Directly I go to the consulate General Japan in Jalan Kertajaya. Unfortunately this office was closed because the election. Oww God…wait for a while, I thought some wrong into my destination. In my notes stated that Consulate General Japan in Jalan Sumatera no. 93. But why in this place( Jalan Kertajaya ) also found General Embassy of Japan.. Haha I told my uncle directly, and he drive his old cycle fast to go.

For being 15 minutes in Uncle’s old car I got my place..really Consulate general of Japan..Huu..it was closed too. I saw the building was unique with Japan architecture touched.

ConGenConsulate General Japan in Surabaya, East Java (Jalan Sumatera No. 93 Surabaya)

Howwww…Time to go my uncle’s house. Hope This Office will work tomorrow. 😀

In the way to go uncle’s..I did some habit when I went in a new place and might be the other people did, that saw around and began to observe, hehe..my uncle’s house near Sepuluh November Institute (ITS) in Sukolilo..wauww I was thinking about this place. It’s really uncomfortable place, the Roads were small and dirty enough. More over, the river near road seemed black and disgusting. Ow  I got imagination when I live on this place for 4 years. That would be boring. Besides this around, the temperature in Surabaya was so hot, much hotter than Yogyakarta. After 30 minutes driving, I got my uncle’s house finally. It was small and complicated, but I enjoyed there. My ‘rent room’ was wide enough. I have 3 nieces here. frankly, I never seen them before. begin a chat with 2nd niece named Nina. She wore glasses and seem kutu buku like me, hahha. The 1st niece named Lala. When Lala was child, my sister told me that Lala was protected to all foods. Very strong protected, exactly. I don’t why she didn’t get it now. Latest niece named Ascha, she was an attractive girl.

Take some books and begin reading.. Oh God Ascha disturbed me a lot. She seemed very enthusiastic with me. I decided not to read anymore. Just enjoy the television and Ascha disturbs. I saw Lala enjoy her drawings and Nina enjoy her drawings too on Computer using paint application. Thought great.

Time go fast, it’s time to pray. I found a big mosque near here. After praying, my uncle and aunt prepared for our lunch. It’s very delicious lunch with a cup of orange juice. After getting full, I take a permission to take a nap. Begin take a nap with hot temperature ..:(

Noisy Sounds of my little nieces woke up me from taking nap. Waiting for Ashar adzan, walking to the mosque. So when I got this place, adzan was echoing. After this I thought I must begin research with Surabaya. Then I asking for my uncle the direction to get World Trade Centre (WTC) Surabaya . Directly I went to public transport with O labeled. I got it easily without waiting for a long time. I asked to driver that pick me down in Karangmenjangan. Completing my journey with sight seeing, I saw Unair campus and most outstanding and legend hospital in Surabaya ‘Dr.Soetomo’. After long time, I was so boring in this transport, ouw unfortunately the driver forgot to inform me Karangmenjangan. I got stucking condition and people near me informed that I should change one more public transport labeled V. I got lucky because a woman will change into V too, so she asked me to follow her.

Change into V, I reached a bridge to the WTC and didn’t forget to say thanks to this woman. Wauww it was amazing, huge buildings were arranged neatly here. Began walking to the WTC, I saw Delta Plaza. Reaching the main way in WTC, and getting in. I thought WTC was great and amazing, but in fact it was so crowded with humans and uhh in this boring place only sold Handphone.

Continuing to the next place that was Delta Plaza. Enjoying this place much. A small concept and elegant place with many kinds of foods and games here. On 5:45 pm I begin searching a mosque in Plaza. I found small mosque with many people queuing. After that I searched unique foods in outer café of main building in Plaza. I ordered Tahu Tek Special (Soybean mixed with Coconut Juice special with Omelette) and Milk ice. Not so expensive , just Rp. 9000,-.

Conscious that my money would used up, fortunately I found atm Mandiri near here. Taking some snapshot here. Oo amazing. I thought this place same with orchard road in Singapore. What an awesome place here. Walking around and then reached Monkasel/Monumen Kapal Selam. I got ticket Rp. 5000,-. A guide began explaining all history about Monkasel and especially this legendary ship ‘Pasopati 410’.

Amazing snapshot I got here with a heroic spirit in Pasopati. After completing walk in Pasopati, I watch a video about Indonesian Navy struggling our Freedom. This video was so amazing. 8:25pm I continued with praying in the mosque in that monument. Unintentionally I got awesome statue about Surabaya logo that is Sura (Shark) and Baya (Crocodile) next to this building. I began to search the way out. I got this. Took snapshot again and saw a beautiful place called WXB Skate, a wide place to skate around the statue,,Wauww amazing and really enjoyable.Haha Truly Amazing.

Surabaya’s simbol

Getting awesome experience here, and time to go home.

2nd Day

It’s show time to apply monbugakusho. At 8:15 am I go to Consulate General Japan in Jalan Sumatera, and great this office opened. When I tried to come in,I gotta fucking condition, my sandal was damaged and need to be sewed. Directly I ask my uncle to accompany me repaired this fucking sandal. Looking around near Gubeng , we didn’t find anything. Almost 1 hour we searched, my uncle gave up. He drove this motorcycle to his house. But in the way back home, we found a sandal sewer with his cycle. Oh..how lucky !!Just wait for 10 minutes, my sandal had been repaired with Rp.5000,- cost. So reasonable than in Yogya.

Finally, I reached Consulate General Japan. Register first then submit a KTP, then the clerk ask me not to bring any electronics tools . My handphone and laptop had to be stroged. Wauww Japanese customs touched here. Such a unique place here. I went to second floor and found another applicant. I went to the desk and asking for the forms to the woman who sat here. He examined my rapor and diploma, Oh God I can take the undergraduates form. I took the form and filled in. I choose Animal Science, Feed Science and Chemistry. Woman suggested that I got a wrong , because Food Science higher grade than Animal Science. So that I changed my choice to Animal Science, Agricultural Chemistry, and 3rd Agriculture. Completing this form wasn’t so easy. Unfortunately I forgot to bring photos with 4,5×3,5 size. Endeavour I went downstairs and went out to look for express photo printing near here than I came back uncle’s house to take that photo. Finally I managed to find express printing far away from office. Transfer my photos via laptop and wait for 15 minutes. Then I hurried up  to the office because it will close at 11:45 am. Filled in all information required, I managed to submit that application.

At 12:15 pm I went out from this office and began searching schedule to go Yogyakarta this afternoon. I found Gaya Baru Malam (Economy) at 2pm and Sritanjung 1:31pm and the last Sancaka 3pm from Gubeng station. I went directly to the uncle’s home and asking for permission to come back Yogya. That showed 1pm now, Oww I will get a late. Take some Lunch and Pray, I had to wait my uncle. Oh fortunately he came at 1:32 pm, so we hurried up to the station. It’s time to say good bye and thanks. Haa..hard to say that I’m late.It’s 2:12pm now. I saw a ticket to Yogyakarta with Sancaka costed Rp.60.000,-. In my wallet only Rp.50.000,- left and I didn’t have any money at atm. So I ask my friend Eko Yasin to transfer. But it didn’t work. He said sorry cant transfer at this moment. Oh God it’s 2:18pm. Fortunately my sister sent me a sms, and I asked her to transfer money now..Woww..She was on work and I knew her endeavor to transfer money, so at 2:41pm I got an sms that my sister had transferred some money, lucky me. Running to the locket and buy a ticket Sancaka to Yogyakarta.Waa it was amazing, there is 5 minutes left before train departed. My told my sister and my mom that I got the train..Haha my sister notified me not to repeat this lol action. Such a good experience. Hope this July I will get Mext test and managed to go Japan.


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